Counteracting The Negative

I've had this post drafted for quite a while. Almost a year, actually.

The original idea was about the importance of staying positive even when the people around you aren't. About pushing people's gripes and complaints aside. Keeping an open outlook.

What Makes A Memory

I'm moving in two weeks, which I'm very excited about. At the same time, I'm really gonna miss this place. It was my first apartment, a year and a half living on my own. I've had a lot of great memories in the area too.

March Wrap-Up

"You're actually probably not more of a handful than anyone else."

March Reads

Book 10:
"I See You" by Clare Mackintosh
Plot: Zoe Walker takes the same route to work every day, going to the same train station and the same platform, sitting in the same seat. One day, she sees a picture of herself in the classified ads, along with a phone number and a website, The next day, it's a different woman's photo. And a different one after that. Each day, it's a different woman, and Zoe realizes that it might not be a coincidence, because they've all become victims of increasingly violent crimes. Has someone been watching Zoe? Could she be the next target?


We all want to feel like we have a purpose. A reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Something to work toward. Something to give our actions meaning.

Here's the thing: Purpose comes in small doses.