Five Cookie Recipes Everyone Will Ask You About

If you know me, you know that during the first weekend of December, my family and I do a crazy amount of baking for the holiday. And I'm not just saying the "if you know me, you know" part. My friends and coworkers know when it's coming. Once Thanksgiving is over, they always ask, "So that means baking is soon, huh?"

We make around ten different kinds of cookies every year and a lot of them. Last year I gave a little behind-the-scenes look at the insanity.

It's been an annual tradition for literally my entire life. When we were kids, we'd stick to the basic chocolate chip and sugar cookies. As we've gotten older, we've tackled more complex recipes and have found some that are really cool. If you try them out, I can almost guarantee that people will ask you about the recipe.

Here are five of my favorites that we made this year, festive treats for the holidays but perfect to try any time of year.

3 Things From The Past Week // 17

This week's 3 Things is coming to you pre-scheduled because by Sunday morning, I'll be in Arizona! And considering I bought the cheapest plane ticket that only allows me a personal item and no carry on (i.e., I will somehow be packing four days' of stuff into a backpack...), I will most certainly not be bringing my laptop with me. Or my camera, for that matter, so no vlog for this trip.

Anyway! Here are some things:

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3 Things From The Past Week // 16

1 | This weekend is my family's annual Christmas baking weekend. It's literally a whole weekend event, since we'll make around ten different kinds of cookies and a lot of each. This year I bought a "holiday baking squad" shirt for each of us so of course we're all wearing them and baking in uniform.