I'm Nicole, an ordinary 20-something living in the Chicago area just doing her best.

I've always considered myself to be a writer. I often prefer to discuss things through writing, because it gives me a chance to think about my words. My dream job as a kid was to be an author. Not so much anymore, but I still keep writing as a key part of my life.

I enjoy reading, morning cups of coffee, and peaceful walks. My favorite day of the week is Saturday, because you can sleep in and stay up late (but who am I kidding – I'm tired by 11 anyway.) My first celebrity crush was George Clooney, and my second was Jim Halpert. I think both of those are really good choices for a celebrity crush. I believe that good people sometimes do bad things and that we should always be trying to better ourselves.

After bouncing around in my head as a nameless idea for years, explosive bagel began June 2015. It's my place to share a lot of different things with other people of the Internet. My goal is to create writing that's impactful in some way, whether it be relatable, comforting, inspiring, entertaining, or all of the above. I live life and I write words. It's a blog about being human.

I write because I enjoy it. I blog because I want it to matter.

If you're interested in connecting with me, learn more here. I'd love to be your friend.