Finding Your Spark

I decided to start the "Finding Your Spark" series to shine a light on different types of people who are following various paths – their OWN paths, whatever those may be.

The whole idea is that there's no single way to live life and a person doesn't have to be "famous" to inspire others. These individuals have found what inspires them, motivates them, makes them happy. And they've run with it.

If you have a story to tell, or know someone who does, let's chat!

My very dear friend moved solo from Illinois to Chicago, and during her first year, I loved watching her thrive and explore life in her new home. And she's loved it too. We talk about what it felt like for her to move to another state at 23 and the advice she has for others wanting to do the same.

Rachel Del is an author who moved from Ontario, Canada to Las Vegas at the age of 26. She married her now-husband, had a baby boy, and has published two novellas and one full-length novel. We talk about when she first considered herself a "writer," what scenes she finds difficult to write, where she gets her inspiration, and more.

Neddy is an author, a blogger, and a podcaster. Ultimately, she is a creator. In 2012, she quit her job to write a book. Four years later, she started a blog and podcast. Driven by a mission to share stories and help others, her journey has been one filled with learning, adventure, and self-growth.

From graduating college in 2015 to the time of our interview in 2017, a lot happened in Melissa's life. She married her boyfriend of nine years, had a daughter, created her own parenting blog, started working full-time, and became pregnant with her second child. During our chat, we talked about depression, anxiety, feeling whole, blogging, motherhood, jumping back into the working world, and how the sun will always rise the next morning.

After graduating college and enrolling in classes to earn a master's degree, Brianne became a Zumbda instructor at a local park district. Even with a lot on her plate, she continues to pursue her passion, proving that no matter how busy our schedules are, there's always time for us to follow our dreams.

Big Dreams, Epic Fails & A Flare For The Dramatic
Comforting, inspiring, and refreshingly honest, 24-year-old Brigid talks about how she spent a semester in Los Angeles as part of her university's Hollywood Semester Program and eventually moved there herself. Her journey teaches us that not everyone has it together, dream jobs aren't always as perfect as we imagine them to be, and that chasing whatever will bring us longer-lasting joy is what's most important.